Sława and its surroundings

The community of Sława covers an area of 32 679 ha and it is situated in lubuskie province, in the Sława Lake District. The capital of the community is Sława, set on the Sławskie Lake.

altNowadays it is one of the most dynamically developing and growing towns in lubuskie province. Nature and its tourist values are the real treasure of this unique region. It is an attractive tourist destination renowned for its unspoilt nature.

Photo by Marek Krukiel

The Sławskie Lakeis also called the Silesian Sea because during misty autumn mornings its water seems to be boundless. The lake of an area of 854 ha is the biggest water body in the south-western Poland. Together with nine other lakes it is situated in the Sławskie Lake District macroregion. The appearance of the lake changes every season of the year but it always attracts people because of its beauty, size and charm.

The waterside of the lake is very varied. You can find a lot of bays, peninsulas, and islands there. Around the lake there are about 40 recreational centres of various standard, numerous camping sites and sailing clubs. All centres, including the Centre of Sport and Recreation in Sława situated at the very Sławskie Lake, offer a great variety of tourist and recreational services.

The history of Sława dates back nearly 700 years - it obtained the rights of a town in 1312. The town's medieval layout has been preserved to this day. The 19th century parish church, the former Protestant congregation,  rises in the market square. A late Renaissance parish church is set on the outskirts of the municipal park which connects the lake with the town. The park is the largest ivy garden in the western Poland. You can find a lot of nature monuments there and the thickest black pine tree (Pinus Nigra) in Poland. Pine woods occupy half of the municipality's area and together with a dense network of lakes they give the region its favourable microclimate. What is more, Sława has been the organizer of Triathlon Championship for the past 11 years. Triathlon is a sports discipline particularly for brave, stubborn and sporty people. Last year Sława hosted the 47th European Caravanning Rally. Another great event in Sława is the town's festival. Sława Days are held every first weekend of August and they are called 'Summer without any limits'. The events feature performances by the leading Polish musicians, for example: Myslovitz, IRA, Mezo, Kasia Wilk, Kombii and Maryla Rodowicz. A lot of people take part in it every year and all inhabitants, visitors and tourists are very enthusiastic about this festival. It provides unforgettable memories for everyone. Sława's New Market is a home to Poland's first ‘Blues Stars Alley’. It was created on account of the 'Woods, Water & the Blues' – the National Blues Festival which has been held in Radzyń for several years. The list of people who have left their handprints in the walk of fame (the promenade) includes such stars as: Magda Piskorczyk, Sławek Wierzcholski of Nocna Zmiana Blues'a Band and Leszek Winter. Sława is the ideal getaway for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It's the place which ensures calm and picturesque views. Water sports enthusiasts will find plenty of recreational options including windsurfing and sailing attractions. The International Regatta Race & Sailing Championship are held on the lake every year. The Sławskie Lake is the ideal destination for sailors. The Polish Omega Cup Tournament has been held in Sława since 2008 - the Regained Territories Cup. The lake has also plenty to offer as far as  fishing fans are concerned. The entire area falls in a silent zone and all visitors can experience true nature in its peaceful surroundings... During winter you can take part in a variety of ice boating and skating tournaments. Tourists who are not water enthusiasts can set out on hiking and cycling excursions in Sława's unspoilt natural environment. There we can find the yellow and the green hiking routes and two natural-forest educational routes. Not far away from Sława there's also a horseback riding trial and a horse ranch for those who want to spend their holidays in such an active way. The town of Sława, set picturesquely on the Sławskie Lake and surrounded by beautiful forests, has a truly unique ambience which provides all visitors with lasting memories and encourages them to visit this region of great natural beauty again.