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The Sława Lake District

The Sława Lake District is situated in the central-western part of  Poland on the eastern outskirts of lubuskie province.

It is the furthest protruding lake district to the north if we consider the zone of the southern Baltic Lake District. The origin of this region landscape goes back about 20 thousand years ago. It is connected with the Baltic glaciation (geologically the youngest one on the Polish Plain). Then the Scandinavian continental glacier overlapped that area. The remains of its furthest range are marked by terminal moraines. The biggest lake of this macroregion is the Sławskie Lake, with its area of 829,7 ha. If we take into consideration size of the lake it is the 39th biggest lake in Poland. There are 9 other lakes in Sława commune: the Big Tarnowskie Lake, the Small Tarnowskie Lake, the Błotne Lake, the Big Młyńskie Lake (Głuchowskie), the Small Młyńskie Lake (Kamienne), the Pluszne Lake (Brzezie), the Dronickie Lake, the Steklno Lake and the Krzywe Lake.

The area of the Sławskie Lake is 854,67 ha and its maximum depth is 12,3m. There are two rivers swelling the lake – Czernica and Cienica. This water region is characteristic of the longest swimming season in Poland. The swimming season starts in May and finishes in September. The lake shore is vary varied, there are a lot of bays, peninsulas and islands. This water region is very priced by sailors. There are about 40 different health and recreational  centres possessing sleeping places of various standard and a lot of campsites around the Sławskie Lake. Every centre owns a guarded watering place that improves comfort of rest. There are also two famous sailing clubs: LKŻ and Chalkos Yacht Club. The Mariusz Zaruski Lubuski Sailing Club organises regatta events and sailing camps for children and youth. There is a yacht port, a sailing equipment rental office, a volleyball court  and a fireplace. Every year different kinds of regatta events are organised on the lake. They include: Sea Days, Summer Cup, the Blue Ribbon of the Sławskie Lake and Sława Mayor’s Cup Regatta.


photo by Dariusz Markiewicz

The Sławskie Lake is characterised by a big biodiversity of avifauna. It is an ideal breeding ground for a lot of species of water-fowl birds. The Sława Lake District has been acknowledged as a European dignity support for birds. This acknowledgment was awarded by the International Ornithological Organisation.  Since 2007 the Sławskie Lake has been included to European Ecological Network Nature 2000 (OSOPs) - Special Protection Areas for birds. At the lake one can observe a black cormorant which lives on a small island called Cormorants’ Island. There one can also find bald coots, greyleg geese, mute swans and crested grebes.


altForests complexes – dry pine forests and numerous lakes create a specific microclimate that is very useful for people. Pine forests generate germicidal ethereal oils and phytoncides. Dry, clean air drifts from the hills into proglacial stream valleys and it has a soothing effect for newcomers and inhabitants of this region. A man in a forest causes the same impression and confusion as an elk or a boar in Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw. The presence of a human being in a forest means confusion, panic, shock and disturbance. Different scientific researches prove that forest animals shocked by too frequent contact with a man have got seven times as large metabolism. Birds do not feed their nestling, mammals die because of hunger. But we have to protect animals. There is a herd of deer that consists of 100 animals, a herd of roe-deer – over 2000 specimen and a herd of boars – about 1000 animals. In the Sława region there is also a population of 26 beavers.alt Foresters and hunters know the places of their presence. Also birds lovers have got a good observation place in the area of Sława. There are a lot of cranes, herons, numerous birds of prey such as: harriers, kites, buzzards as well as ernes in the winter. These priceless natural resources have to be protected. Everybody who knows its value has a duty to do that.


Pogoda w Sławie

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